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Know Your Bead: Coral

Coral: The name is derived from the Latin [corallium,] related to the Greek [korallion].

Coral consists of the branching skeletons of animals which live in colonies planted on the seabed at depths varying from tens to hundreds of meters. The most famous of these organisms is Corallium rubrum, which lives in the waters of the Mediterranean and, despite its name, provides not only red, but orange, pink, and white coral. The main constituent of calcareous corals is the CaCo3, or calcium carbonate in the form of calcite. Coral beads are mined from coral stones in the oceans and polished as jewelries. Coral can be found at the Mediterranean Sea, off the coast of Australia, the South Pacific, the waters of Japan, and Africa. 

Coral beads is a popular gemstone in Nigeria due to its richness in color and the bold statement and it’s seen mainly worn at traditional weddings, when worn it symbolizes  power, wealth, royalty and beauty.
There are some shapes of coral beads that only Chief wears. Corals beads used in Edo are different from those got from the North of Nigeria, in Yoruba land and the Eastern part of Nigeria.  

In Benin Kingdom two types of beads are prominent; they are IVIE and EKAN. EKAN has a sharp shining appearance. Though grayish, it reflects like a prism. IVIE the other species is described by some people as Precious Coral and is mostly won by Kings and Chiefs in Yoruba Kingdoms and Benin.

Coral beads was believed to prevent ill fortune and offer protection from skin disease when worn as a necklace.  
Real coral are expensive and mainly imported from Singapore and Italy to Nigeria but note that some imitations of coral exist that are made from plastic, bone, shell, fossil ivory, howlite and onyx. Despite the recent availability of cheap imitations, some people still cherish and seek the original Coral beads.

Now that you know your Coral bead Stay Gorgeous Stay Professional. Love #ObaYaa.

Published On November 12, 2015 08:53

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