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Behind the scenes- POKUA Collection

The morning of the shoot, although the idea had been conceived the date was impromptu so I must say I thank God for the amazing crew he provided, they are simply awesome and amazing.


The beads were ready, the sun was shining it was indeed a sunday.


Our gorgeous MUA form house of Radiance was ready with her available tools to perform her magic (like I said impromptu tins). She was graceful and a creative artist as she ensured and pointed out the perfect blend for the face and neck making sure to showcase the right item.

Her comment: “the model is beautiful so it made my work easier”



The location manager and truly the food manager, because she didnt let the director rest, pointing out right location for the model and pointing out time to take a drink and munch. All the positioning, angle of the model all thanks to the sharped-eyed location manager Sylvia Osei.



Model set, MUA artwork on-point, location and angle positioned. The only person to translate what the four of us was seeing so you can also see, was our magnificent capture-man aka Photographer . Ananse-sem but of cos the camera was provided by our Oga at the top Akwasi Bobie.



The director was just shouting, "next! action! Capture! next jewelry, time is going, location manager next, photographer make sure you get me, my pictures oh".


Every hand was involved, it was an effortless team work, with the right attitude of laughter and all ideas and suggestions easily voiced, accepted or dismissed making sure there was no room for intimidation or bullying



Just as we thought it was gonna be a lovely day, it turned out to be a fun, creative, amazing, I-cant-believe- we -did -this day.



It was a day to remember.I thank God and I thank the crew



Too blessed to be stressed




Don’t forget to be a POKUA woman. Powerful, Outstanding, Kind-hearted, Unique & Awesome.



Published On June 21, 2015 07:46

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